3 Incredible Benefits of Massage for Women

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Why do you as a Woman Need More Massage in your Life?

There are countless benefits to receiving regular massage therapy treatments, for all ages, genders and conditions. But here are 3 that will specifically benefit the women!

3 Incredible Benefits of Massage for Women


1. Reduced Feelings of Anxiety

Many pressures and stresses in our lives (work, kids, home, social pressures, etc) can leave us feeling anxious as well as mentally and physically uptight and tense

Massage helps decrease the levels of cortisol (the “stress” hormone) in your body which helps calm your mind and relax your body, reducing feelings of anxiety


2. Improved Sleep Quality

As women we always have a lot on our minds and often this can affect our sleep

Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and quality/amount of sleep are very common

Massage increases the levels of serotonin which increase melatonin production and helps reset circadian rhythms

= a rested, more refreshed you!



3. Alleviate PMS Symptoms

Bloating, cramping, headaches, and back pain ( just to name a few) are frustratingly a monthly occurrence for many of us

Focused massage to the abdomen, legs and feet can help alleviate these symptoms

Trigger point therapy can also help decrease lower back pain due to PMS





If any of this excites you, why not head on over to the appointments page and see how massage can benefit you!

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